Moodle Faculty FAQ
  • 07 Jul 2021
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Moodle Faculty FAQ

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Article Summary

What shall I do if the course disappeared

Send an email to the help desk on with the full course code (exp. COM111) along with the instructor timetable.

How to upload files/lectures/material to your course on Moodle?

You can do that by following the steps in this article.

Why can’t I see my course on Moodle?

In order for the instructor to be able to see the course on Moodle, The college schedule coordinator shall assign (on Banner) the instructor name to the required course.

Is it possible to separate the Arabic and English sections of the same course on Moodle?

No. Because both Arabic and English sections hold the same course code on Banner.

Can I add/remove a specific instructor/teaching assistant/part timer/student to the courses on Moodle?

No. Moodle data are generated by Banner, thus any changes shall be applied on Banner.

Can I change the interface on Moodle from English to Arabic or vice versa?

Yes. Click on the Grid World iconon the top of the page and choose the preferred language.

How can I check the plagiarism for the students’ assignment/project?

Using Turnitin Assignment.

Can the instructors use Turnitin to check their own researches/papers plagiarism?

No. They should use Ithenticate (for details check with the office of DGSR)

What if I want to restore a material of a course from the previous semester/s?

All the courses will be available in the dashboard under the Courses Block >> in Past If the semester is from 2018-1 and above. 

Any courses before 2018-1, the instructor shall send a restore request to the helpdesk along with: 

  • The semester of which the course will be restored from 
  • Old Course Name and Old Course Number 
  • The new course Code (as on Banner) in which the restore will be in 
  • Permission (forwarded email) from the course owner if the requester is not the course owner
How can I download the Course Learning Outcome (CLO) responses?
  1. Click on CLO 
  2. Click on Show responses 
  3. In the separate groups choose your section 
  4. In Download table data as choose .csv or .xlsx 
  5. Click on Download
How to reopen a restored quiz/assignment?

In the quiz settings, change the dates for Allow submissions from (start date) and Due date

How can I view the courses under my department if I’m a Head of Department?

Request the Head of Department (HOD) privilege by sending an e-mail to the help desk (Cc: College Dean) along with a list of courses under your department.

Is it possible to delete Turnitin submitted document (Assignment, project, etc)?

NO. If you delete it, the document will remain in Turnitin database and the plagiarism percentage will be incremented if the document will be resubmitted.

A deletion request has to be sent to the helpdesk along with the: 

  • Student name and ID 
  • Course code 
  • Assignment/ project name 
  • Submission Title (file name uploaded by the student) 
  • Turnitin paper ID
What can I do if the Similarity percentage is pending for a long time?

Make sure that you did not choose Generate reports on due date (3rd option) from Report Generation Speed in the Originality Report Options. Otherwise, a request has to be sent to the helpdesk along with the:

  • Student name and ID 
  • Course code 
  • Assignment/ project name 
  • Submission Title (file name uploaded by the student) 
  • Turnitin paper ID
Why the students are not able to see documents (lectures, files, etc.) even though the documents are not hidden?

This means the document is not hidden but it’s under a hidden topic, thus you have to choose Show topic

When there is more than one instructor teaching the same course, how can I restrict their students from accessing my material (Lectures, Assignments, Quizzes, etc.)?

For details on Restrict Access, please check these articles.

How can I stop receiving the submission e-mail notifications for assignment on my e-mail?
  1. Click on the arrow near your name and chose Preferences 
  2. From preferences list chose Notification Preferences 
  3. In the Notification Preferences all the Email notifications are enabled (on) by default. If you want to stop the email notifications then you have to disable it (off). This can be applied to all other activities (turnitin assignment, feedback, quiz….etc.).

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