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Dean's Message

“… You will constantly have to learn throughout your life…”

Dear students,

Welcome to the College of Information Technology (CIT) at Ajman University (AU).

Today, we are witnessing exciting developments in the field and applications of Information Technology, which is evolving rapidly and is continuing to overtake all sectors from medicine to management to tourism. Whether applied or pure science, this specialty is always necessary nowadays, hence studying IT could grant you many opportunities in different fields and positions varying from technical to managerial.

The IT College’s accredited programs will help you develop knowledge and skills, which will build lifetime foundations for your career, as you will constantly have to learn throughout your life. To acquire those foundations, our programs train you to solve complex problems, work both individually and cooperatively, be committed, be diligent and of course be creative.

The College also has very good bounds with multinational technology companies such as CISCO, Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft, which enable our students to participate in training, workshops, and competitions. Moreover, AU has productive interactions with different stakeholders to share and implement innovative ideas and solutions.

What you will probably appreciate is the relationship between students and faculty members who know what you are going through and are always present for your inquiries, suggestions, and worries.

I will personally do my best to accompany you through your journey.

I wish you all the best and hope you would find your way through our website’s information. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions or concerns:



Mirna Nachouki, Ph.D.

Acting Dean