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Efforts to develop an Arabic language translation systems

When: Monday, November 21, 2011 08:00 AM
Where: College of IT ,Meeting room

In Modern Arabic Language Computation, the researcher tries to investigate Automation techniques that help the Arabic language to computerized and automated easily. Mainly he is interested in translation between international languages like the Danish language into the Arabic language. Translation between Arabic and Danish has been a real challenge as no common parallel language resources exist between them. The statistical approach has been deployed at most of the time. The researcher used state of the art SMT tools to train our initial baselines, like MOSES and GIZA++. Interesting techniques were developed to overtake the problem of limited language resources as well as information retrieval techniques to overcome the problem of ill structured sentences produced by our baselines. Many of those findings have been published in peer reviewed journals as well as presentation in high standard conferences. This part of my research was the concern of my postdoc post at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark at the center of language technology.

Contact: Dr. Mossab Al Hunaity