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regularly upgraded as per the industry standards. Multimedia facilities and software packages are provided in all College laboratories.

All college computers are based on Windows 7 operating System, in addition to Windows server 2008 and dedicated UNIX and Oracle servers.   

The College also provides AU library with books in various computing areas for the benefit of both students and faculty members.

Personal Computer Laboratories

The Personal Computer Laboratories are equipped with many personal computers using the latest technology. All Laboratories are fully networked under Microsoft Windows 7 operating systems.  Furthermore, each computer has full Internet access. The Laboratories support application software and programming languages such as  Internet browsing, Microsoft Office Professional, Visual Studio Express (C#, C++, web-development, VB), Microsoft SQL server 2005, SQL developer, PHP Designer 2007,  MATLAB 2011, HDL simulator, SPICE simulator, and more. The Laboratories are available to the students for practicing and carrying out their assignments or for accessing the Internet.  

Macintosh Laboratory

The Macintosh laboratory is equipped with computers running OS 10.6 and support application software such as Acrobat Reader, Adobe Director 11, Autodesk MAYA 2009, and more.  The laboratory can be used for developing multimedia applications and graphic design.

Digital and Electronics Laboratory

The Digital and Electronics laboratory supports a variety of courses related to the design, simulation, and implementation of circuits. The laboratory is equipped with modern Digital analyzers, Multimeters, Power supplies, Function generators, Oscilloscopes and a wide range of Electrical and Electronic Components.

Microprocessor  and Embedded systems Laboratory  

This laboratory has specialized training systems equipped with Microprocessors/Microcontroller, test equipment, and other design development facilities. A range of discrete components, ICs, boards, and development kits are provided.

Network Laboratory 

The Network laboratory supports courses dealing with Internet-based wired network operations in which students develop an in-depth understanding of network protocols based on a real network setting and simulation software.  The network laboratory is equipped with a variety of network and computer equipment, including hubs, switches, routers, and wireless devices.

Project laboratories

The project laboratories are primarily dedicated for graduation projects. Students use these laboratories either to implement software programs or hardware systems related to their graduation course projects.