“Workers Hub”, Best IT Graduation Project for Spring 2017

Thursday, May 10, 2018

This graduation project introduces an idea of software as a service website that focuses mainly on being an efficient and convenient portal for both the workers and the customers. This website gives workers, especially laborers the opportunity to register online and offer their skills and services to potential customers while giving them the comfort of possibly working from home and setting up their preferred working schedules and prices. Furthermore, they will not worry about any restrictions that traditional working environments may cause them. On the other side, it provides the customers with a service that offers them great comfort in searching for different kinds of services and workers who offer these services. Customers can search for a specific type of worker they need and type the name of the city they live in, for example “Ajman”, then it will display for them a list of workers who live in that city and who can provide them with the service they need. They can choose a worker, chat with them, and rate and review the service offered by that worker. In addition, the website fully integrate Google Maps, where customers can view their own location, see markers on the map that show different kinds of workers who are nearby them regardless of the profession. They can also view these workers’ profiles. Upon the completion of the proposed website prototype, we anticipate that we can expand it more in the future by adding more features and functions that will be on a bigger scope.


Team Members:

Amena Mohsen Ali - 20141124

Saima Muhammad Ibrahim - 201320056

Maha Hafedh Ahmed - 201311586


Supervised by:

Dr. Haitham Yaish